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Top 10 Unique Side Job Ideas

1. Work for an investigative agency serving notices (I know of one place that does this in Portland, earning $15 per notice served).
2. Cook and sell dinners from your front porch.
3. Give old or new RV’s a more interesting and livable look doing RV interior remodeling.
4. Provide night vision tours – using night vision goggles, people can spot animals in a forest or walking through a zoo. Haunted tours? How about a late night, creepy historic cemetery tour or an old historic hotel. What other places would be fun and interesting at night? Plus, wearing night vision goggles is just cool.
5. Niche field: Goth – specialize in providing to Goth people – Goth clothes, Goth jewelry, Goth hair & makeup, start a Goth Facebook (GothBook or GothCave) or other social networking website.
6. How about starting a women’s only taxi service? Offer some small amenities like beauty kits while they enjoy their safe ride, no stops for men! Slowly build up a small fleet of pink cars.
7. Interested in house sitting for someone’s property all over the world? Read the Caretaker’s Gazette.
8. Are you a certified mechanic? Offer to inspect used cars for people looking at buying one to make sure they’re getting a good car and a good deal.
9. Partner up with some businesses that don’t offer delivery, such as furniture. They can refer their customers to you if they request delivery. What other businesses could you set this type of service with?
10. Organize a different kind of community triathlon or sporting event – like a triathlon involving rollerblading, kayaking, and cycling or whatever else you can dream up. Or organize a 5k run for moms running with their toddlers in strollers.
Plus a bonus – Offer small business owners to call their overdue receivables. Get % of total dollars brought in from these accounts they were about to send to collections anyways.